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July 16, 2015
by Amir

Please support Shenmue!!

Those of you who have been following my twitter feed will know that I’m a HUGE Shenmue fan.  I’ve been taking part in the #SaveShenmue campaign for a while now.  It’s my favourite game.  Yes, that’s right.  My favourite game!  Even more than Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter or Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II.

I don’t have the time to go into why it’s so amazing and why I love it so much in this post.  I’ll try and do that some other time.  This post is about trying to encourage you to support Shenmue.

The Shenmue Kickstarter project broke records when it reached $2 million in just over 9 hours!  But now it needs a final push to try and get as much money as possible for the budget of the long awaited Shenmue 3 for Yu Suzuki (the genius behind titles such as Virtua Racing, Virtua Fighter, F355 Challenge, Outrun, Space Harrier, Afterburner, Hang-on and others).

At the time of this writing, the project has $5, 192, 549 with 34 hours left to go.  The more money they can get, the better the game can be.  And we’re also trying to break the record for most money raised for a computer game on Kickstarter (currently held by Bloodstained with $5, 545, 992) which will improve its profile and help boost sales when it goes out to release.

Shenmue is more than just another computer game.  It’s a piece of art.

If you love art, computer games, Shenmue or all three, please help #SaveShenmue and pledge what you can to the Kickstarter project.  You can get a digital copy of the game on PC or PS4 for $29 or a physical project backer only copy of the game on PC or PS4 for $60.  $29 for the game is a bargain!  And you’ll be contributing to the project when it needs the money most.  There are other rewards for project backers of lesser and more value.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in gaming history! 😉

Go here to support the project:

Thank you!

Here’s some info on Shenmue (courtesy of

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October 10, 2014
by Amir

New Year’s Resolutions… the story so far…

Note: Update on the 17th of October 2022.
This post contains a lot of negative language and the kind of self-critical view that one should never take of oneself. I thought about removing the post altogether but then thought it better to leave it as a lesson. It’s interesting to read back on older posts and see how my thinking on this kind of thing has changed over the years. More self-compassion is required. That doesn’t mean that we should let ourselves off with excuses! But just that we should talk to ourselves as we would talk to a friend.

Since I wrote this post, I have actually started to go to bed earlier and get more sleep and am listening to audio books and podcasts on a regular basis. I may not be very far on progress with the other items. I am reminded of a quote: “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” So, onwards… but with more self-compassion! 😊

Well, the story is that progress is rubbish.  I don’t mean terrible.  It’s virtually non existent!

I had intended to start going to bed early this year.  So far, I’ve gone to bed early two out of 282 nights.  That’s a success rate of 0.7%!  Even if I was to go to bed early for the rest of the year, I’d still only have a success rate of 23%!!  Not good!

As for my 5 goals.  Here’s the current progress.

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May 1, 2014
by Amir

Remembering Senna

Senna at La Source

It was the 1st of May, 1994. I was in the living room watching the San Marino Grand Prix with my friend David. I was 12 and had only just started watching Formula 1 the year before.

I started following Formula 1 about halfway through the 1993 season. It happened almost by accident as I flicked through the channels one afternoon to find the British Grand Prix on my screen. The blazing fast cars, the roaring sound of the engines and the clearly incredible skill required to drive these machines which looked like (and effectively are) upside down fighter jets intrigued me. It was stunning… and I was hooked!

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January 1, 2014
by Amir

New Year, new New Year Resolutions (sorta)

So, it’s 2014.  Happy New Year everyone!

I have a couple of new year’s resolutions for this year.  They are actually the same ones as last year.  Yeah, you guessed it, they didn’t really happen last year.  But if at first you don’t succeed…

The two resolutions are:

  1. Go to bed early
  2. Set a list of targets and put plans in place to achieve those targets

With regards to the first one, I went to bed early twice during 2013.  And one of those nights was because I was sick.

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November 30, 2012
by Amir

And so it begins…

So I finally set up my blog.  I intend to use this as a bit of an everything site.  Somewhere to put some of my ideas, log my thoughts, express my feelings and sometimes talk craziness.  You have been warned! 🙂

There are many sides to any individual.  This website should reflect my many sides.